Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's your Signature Color this spring?

Hi friends,
How are you this week? I am having a great week coaching and teaching in South Carolina. I am happy to still be able to share with you even though I am away. I have recovered from my momma's guilt yesterday (when I got the phone call from my husband that our son got injured on the playground). My daughter did share with me on the phone this afternoon that her BFF hurt her feelings and was 'mean' to her at school today. I gave my husband instructions on the phone to talk to her tonight about it when he put her to bed to make sure that she felt listened to because that's what I would do if I was there. I know he's doing a great job being Mr. Mom this week while I am away. I look forward to returning to my position in the family later this week.

Let's take a break today from decorating and talk about our wardrobes. Every season I usually choose a signature color. For me that means that I might pick up a piece or 2 or 3 in that color to 'spice up' my wardrobe for that season. For fall, it was definitely orange. I got an orange shirt, scarf, and pin to add to my fall clothes. You can check them out here:


I don't think I really chose a signature color for winter this year. Just lots of black and gray. Last year, I picked up a couple of deep purple pieces for winter which I guess I did add one piece to this year:

So, here we are on the verge of spring. We've got to go shopping and pick up a couple of spring pieces to 'spice up' our spring collection, right? I think my signature color for spring is going to be red. I already have a lot of blue in my wardrobe since blue really is my favorite color so pairing red with blue is a fun look for spring. Kinda got the sailor maritime look going on. Here are some red pieces that I've picked up this spring:

Then I picked up one yellow item for spring to really add some spice to the equation!

Now, here are some fun outfits that are inspired for this color palette:

And I did recently make one 'wildcard' purchase that is a reflection of my fall signature color (orange):

What about you? Do you sometimes chose a color that you're currently digging and get a couple of new pieces in that color? Am I the only crazy person who thinks this way? Let me know. I'd love to hear what color you're really loving right now for your wardrobe.

Happy decorating & living,

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