Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bonus Room

Hi friends,
Thanks for joining me today. How are you doing this week? I am happy my z-pack is doing it's job with my sinus infection this week. I hope you are well.

I wanted to share our Bonus Room with you. Since we don't have a basement in our North Carolina house, I think of our Bonus Room like our basement. It's upstairs near the kids' bedrooms and has my husband's office off of it. It's where we play games, watch mostly kid movies, play wii, and play.

When the kids' have friends over it's a great room to have them entertain their friends in. It also also a futon/sofa so it's an additional space for guests if our guest room is full. Honestly, the BEST thing about our Bonus Room is that when our kids (4 year old boy and almost 6 year old girl) wake up early in the morning (which of course they do each and every morning) they head to the bonus room to watch tv (they're too scared to go downstairs to the family room without us) for a few minutes before we get up. Our only upstairs tv is in the Bonus Room.

There really isn't anything new in our Bonus Room. Basically we reused our basement furniture from our old house in Virginia. Honestly, this room hasn't gotten a lot of attention from us. We use our first floor family room a lot more than this space. Maybe that's why I haven't shared it yet. I have bought some new accessories that I'll share with you. The coffee table for this room is in the corner (I don't think I got a picture of it). We moved it away from the sectional sofa so that we had space for Wii games and Just Dance.

Here is our Bonus Room:

I did pick up the fun graphic blue shade to compliment this room as well as the red graphic tray and shell red and blue flag art:

Storage hiding kids' toys:

My favorite pregnant photo of myself. Pregnant with Bryce (who is now almost 6):

This is actually a red and white quilt that I bought for Christmas time but it seems to work in this mostly blue room with touches of red as an accent color:

Our pets, Raven the dog:

Millie the cat:

Steve tackled this wall:

The previous owners left these cloth red shades for us. They also left us heavy velvet red curtains which I took down and put up the cotton navy curtains (from our old basement in Virginia):

Postcards from Pawley's Island, South Carolina that I matted and framed. One of my favorite inexpensive decorating ideas: frame interesting postcards from fun vacations:

Things I am not crazy about in our Bonus Room:
-the ceiling lights
-the wall color

Maybe we'll get some cool drum lights for the ceiling at some point. We have many, many, many other decorating priorities right now.

-landscaping backyard (Steve is going to town out there!)
-painting upstairs hallway (Steve's project)
-painting my home office (Steve again)
-purchasing a cool white coral chandelier for our bedroom (bye bye big ugly bronze fan)
-purchasing beautiful Porcelain Blue panel curtains for our bedroom
-redoing Brayden's room: this summer! It's going to be super cool! Including a magnetic chalkboard wall!
-redoing Bryce's room: someday
-spicing up our screened-in porch with an outdoor sectional sofa and lamp

This was our basement in our Virginia house a year ago, as you can see, all of the furniture is the same:

Bye bye for now Bonus Room, one last look:

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you are well.
Happy decorating & living friends,

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