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Hi friends-
Thanks for joining me on my decorating journey!

I have just updated this page as my home changes almost daily.

My favorite kinds of decorating:
1. Move stuff around the house
2. Recover, re-imagine, upcycle an old piece of furniture

It's really hard for me to post these pictures because decorating for me is such an organic art- our rooms are ever changing as I am rethinking where to try a piece of furniture in a new room or recovering a pillow (can you have too many pillows?) or ottoman. I'm always wanting to "spice it up" and change out a piece or two. But here's what I have so far, of course, it'll change (probably in about an hour).

Stop back by soon and I'll have more. (I update this page as I change rooms which is often!)
Happy decorating & living-

Our New Home near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA:

Front Porch:
I have always wanted a porch with space for rocking chairs. We watch the sunset from this porch.

Updated Porch
New wreath

First Floor-

Foyer Before:

Foyer "In Progress":

Another 'in progress':

Another 'in progress':

Hallway NOW:

Handy Husband painted it blue-

Foyer has changed AGAIN:

I added in B signs plus our kids' art and storage for checkers, dominoes, puzzles and kept a place to put socks and shoes on.

Living Room Before:

Living Room "in progress":

Spiced up Living Room:

Living Room Now:

The living room became a dining room:
-Painted blue now

Family Room Before:

Family Room "In Progress":

More spicing up in the Family Room:

Even more spicing it up in the family room:

Family Room Now with new coffee table:

Family Room changed once again (this room gets changed A LOT)-
-Stole black framed black and white family photos from another room

Dining Room Before:

My Office (Dining Room) "In Progress":

My Office Now:

My home office this summer:

Eat-In Kitchen Before:

Eat-In Kitchen "In Progress":

Eat-In Kitchen NOW:

Eat-in Kitchen Now:

Eat-in Kitchen looks very different now:

-things got moved around the house again
-new pillows made from inexpensive napkins

Kitchen Before:
-We have dreams of lightening up our kitchen and replacing backsplash....someday...

Kitchen "In Progress":

Screened-In Porch Before:

Screened-In Porch After:

Screened-in Porch Now:



Screened-In Porch now with daybed for naps and reading-
-again moved stuff around the house

Guest Bedroom Before:

Guest Room NOW:

Spiced Up Curtains:

*I really need to update the guest room because it's now my husband's home office and looks very very very different!


Reading Nook:

*Need to update this space too as it looks very very different now.

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom "In Progress":

Master Bedroom Now:

Updated Master Bedroom with new artwork, bench, and changed furniture arrangement:

Master Bath Before:

Master Bath "In Progress":

Daughter's Bedroom Before:

Daughter's Bedroom "In Progress" (big changes coming here soon):

Daughter's Bedroom now:


Daughter's Closet Before:

Daughter's Closet "In Progress":

*Daughter's closet looks very different now but need to get said daughter to clean it up before I can show it to you.

Son's Bedroom Before:

Son's Bedroom "In Progress" (big changes coming here soon):

*Son's bedroom looks drastically different now and I need to update it soon.

Kids' Bath Before:

Kids' Bath "In Progress":

*Need to update Kids' Bathroom too.

Bonus Room Before:

Bonus Room "In Progress":

*Bonus room looks pretty different now. Need to update.

Husband's Office Before:

Husband's Office "In Progress":

*This is no longer my husband's office. This is now a guest room with sitting room. I need to update these pictures as well. Boy, I have some updating to do! :)