Thursday, September 29, 2011

Child's Room & Bathroom

Hi friends,
Today on our house crashing tour of Alison's home we are going to take a peek into her three year old son's room. Wait till you see how cute it is! So much personality!

Alison's mom's friend painted the surfboard painting especially for her son. The lantern light on the bed casts a dim reading light perfect for night time stories.

Don't you love that red crab shower curtain? It's so much fun!
Thanks for joining us on our house crashing tour. One more room left to share tomorrow- the bonus family room. It's really cool!
Happy decorating & living-

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Crashing: Upstairs Guest Room & Laundry Room

Hi friends,
How much would you love to stay in this guest room? Alison shared with me that she commissioned a fellow she met at a local flea market to make her headboard. Isn't it cool? She picked up the cardboard "BEACH" letters at a craft store and dry brush painted them the perfect shade of blue. I love the striped blue, green, and tan lightweight quilt. Don't you?

Here Alison uses her functionality philosophy with the trunk at the end of the bed which can hold additional blankets and towels for guests.

Alison shared with me that she and her son picked up this sweet tray at the local Goodwill store for one dollar. I have to admit that I went to the same store that afternoon and picked up a Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume for my daughter and sailboat artwork for my son's room. Good tip! I will be returning again soon! I plan on donating summer clothes from my children and looking over their home goods section as well.

Now we are in the hallway on our way to the laundry room.

Friends, I have never seen a laundry room like this one. I immediately went home and shared these photos with my husband. We have plans to add a shelf for folding clothes on top of our washer and dryer. Alison shared with me that her father and husband added the shelf and it is easily removed in case they need access to the washer/dryer.

Alison shared with me that the Santa Cruz tee shirt from Old Navy is special to her because that is where she was born.

Look how pretty these jars are.

I love, love, love these wire baskets.

We are having so much fun house crashing Alison's home. Thank you again, Alison, for opening up your beautifully coastal inspired home. We are so inspired.

Happy decorating & living,

Monday, September 26, 2011

House Crashing: Master Bedroom & Bath

Hi friends,
We've made it upstairs in our current house crashing of my friend and neighbor Alison's house. I am in love with her relaxing, tranquil bedroom with subtle pops of red.

These baskets are not only beautiful but functional. Don't you love the large distressed mirror that is propped up against the wall. Alison shared with me that it was originally black.

Alison shared with me that she loves waking up in the morning and seeing this beach print. What a great spot to curl up with a cup of tea and a book!

I am so inspired with this idea of putting hooks in your wall as art pieces. These display beach hats, beads from Alison's grandmother, and beach bag.

Now, let's head into Alison's bathroom. Look at how pretty this arrangement is on this lovely tray.

I love the idea of a woven basket holding extra towels.

I love the bead board in the bathroom with a ledge for displaying treasures from the sea.

Check out this antique looking mercury glass mirror with beautiful sand dollars.

Look how creative Alison is, this was a message board but she repurposed it to display her necklaces and it's so pretty!

Who doesn't love a curious sea turtle?

How much fun are we having being inspired by Alison's coastal inspired home near Raleigh, North Carolina? Stop back by tomorrow and I'll share more.

Take care friends.
Happy decorating & living,