Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bonus Room Reveal

Hi Friends,
Thanks for stopping by the Cottage Blue Blog today. How's your week going? I got a new fit bit for my birthday last week so I've been obsessed with getting in my steps and trying to outdo my previous day's goals. Luckily, the dog and the kids have been doing a great job helping me.

I wanted to reveal our bonus room to you. Here where we live in the south you don't get a basement. You get a bonus room instead in some homes which is basically like a basement (except it's upstairs, not downstairs). Like a basement in some homes, the bonus room is really another family room plus it's where we keep the game system and the treadmill. Honestly, this room has received very little attention from us. It's kind of the dumping ground for our furniture.


I could tell you my goals for the bonus room which we shouldn't focus on right?
1. Paint
2. Replace ceiling lights
3. Recover slipcover sectional (it has definitely seen much better days! the kids got to it with glitter!)

Honestly, I don't know when we will get to these goals as they are very very very low on the priority list.

My daughter was keeping me company while I was shooting these pictures. Our guest room (which I need to give some attention to and share with you someday soon) is right off of this bonus room which is nice as it gives our guest another space to hang out.

Source List:
-Ikea Navy Sectional- (10 years old, they don't make it anymore but there is a website where they sell fresh slipcovers for it...someday....)
-White Large Chair- Crate and Barrel (matches sofa from family room, was previously in our bedroom)
-Other Pieces of Furniture- Target or Ikea
-Red Roman Shades- in house when we moved in 4 years ago
-Blue and White Striped Curtains- I made them (painted blue stripes on cheap white curtains)
-Lamps- Ikea or Target
-Crab Painting- I just painted this using paint markers by covering an old picture that I was no longer liking
-Red and White Quilt- Comforter Store (originally part of our Christmas décor)
-READ sign- World Market
-Red Tray on table- Target
-Pillows- Ikea and Marshalls
-Red and Blue Club Chair- bought used maybe 20 years ago- I made a custom floral slipcover for it that doesn't work with our décor (it could really use another slipcover as it's very faded but still comfortable)
-Blue Sea Life Pictures in White Frames- I printed from my computer (was inspired by a magazine picture)
-Brown Ottoman- matches large chair in guest room from Mr. Cottage Blue's single days (I would love to get a white ottoman for this space....someday....)

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you all are well.
Happy decorating & living,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Master Bedroom Reveal

Hi Friends,
I am excited to share our updated Master Bedroom with you today.
We updated it with my two favorite decorating techniques:
1. Move stuff around the house (or room in this case)
2. Make new stuff from old stuff

We moved the bed to a different wall. That is a big project that takes the help of Mr. Cottage Blue to help me. We have one heavy bed:

Also, I took two old canvas pictures that I wasn't digging anymore and created two new pictures on top of the old (the tan and white pictures are the new 'old' pictures):

The only new thing in the room is the tan coverlet. Mr. Cottage Blue is one grumpy camper if the house is too hot when he sleeps. This means he likes to keep a cool house at night. All of our old duvets, comforters, and quilts are too heavy for him. I purchased this tan light weight duvet cover (and did not put a duvet inside of it so it's truly light weight) from and it was a steal! Mr. Cottage Blue is happy!

Source List:
Headboard-Pottery Barn
2 Bedside Tables- Antique Stores in Vienna and Leesburg, VA
Bench- Marshalls
Curtains- Pottery Barn
Dresser- Goodwill from my college days
Round Rattan Table- Goodwill
Sweet White Chair- $35 at Antique Store in Frederick, MD and recovered
White Bookshelf- Antique Store in Frederick, MD
Ottoman- $15 Antique Store in Vienna, VA and recovered
2 Shell Mirrors- I made them
2 Circle Rattan Mirrors- Marshalls

Happy decorating & living,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday Flowers

Hey Friends,
Thanks for joining me today. I celebrated my birthday this weekend. One of those birthdays that kinda drags out over the weekend...I love those! I hope you've had one of those recently.  WE really must all have those kinds of birthdays. WE deserve it? Right? After all, we are celebrating that we are alive.

I had been travelling the last two weeks for work so I was super surprised to come home and find that my 9 year old daughter and Mr. Cottage Blue had decorated the house for me (with some very old birthday decorations that they found in the attic).  They also bought a variety of flowers for me that they placed around the house. I forgot to go upstairs and take pictures of the flowers up there.

Here's how they surprised me:

How'd they do? A really good job, huh? I'm feeling so loved. Mr. Cottage Blue and I were supposed to have a date night this weekend, but after two weeks away we cancelled the babysitter and hung out with the kids (snuggling on the sofa and some fishing at a local lake). Mr. Cottage Blue cooked me as wonderful dinner of lobster, shrimp, garlic, asparagus, and an ice cream cake. Feeling very blessed.
Thanks for joining me today friends. Stop back by sometime this week and I'll share some of my birthday goodies with you. Maybe you can guess what type of birthday goodies are my favorite. I hope you're having an awesome weekend.
Happy decorating & living,