Thursday, March 1, 2012

Easter has arrived at The Brewers

Hi friends,
I am at it again, decorating for a holiday probably earlier than I should. My neighbors are probably thinking, "Oh there's that crazy girl decorating too soon again!" Oh well, too bad. Honestly, outside all I have for Easter is an egg wreath (which I might add is missing a couple of eggs). Our flag pole broke so the Easter flag waits inside. Kinda sad, huh?

Jane- Here's our Easter tree. I bought the stand at our local Goodwill store for like a $1:

I LOVE these little sheep! They make me smile. Can you believe that I found them at the grocery store?!

This was a Brew Crew kids' Easter craft project:

My little guy, Brayden, made this one. This was exactly like the sample picture on the box. And no, there isn't anyone in our family named Pat. But if someone named Pat comes over, we're set and ready!

I just picked up these little sweet bunnies at Pier 1 for a very cheap price! I added the ribbons.

Here's how I decorated our old house in Virginia two years ago for Easter. You can see my Easter tree which was little branches (bought at the craft store) placed in a large jar. Now I look at these pictures and think there's entirely too much going on in this room!!!!

It's not Easter for me without tullips and other flowers:

This is my absolute favorite Easter children's book. I have very fond memories of my mom reading it to me when I was little. Now, I read it to my own kids:

What I am not showing you are our collection of Easter bunny and duck stuffed animals given to the kids each Easter from generous grandparents that we only pull out once a year. They're all now either in the Bonus Room or in the kids' rooms. Also, I didn't share with you the hundreds (well, maybe I exxagerate a little) of plastic Easter eggs in baskets that we take turns hiding for each other. It's good times at the Brewers!

Happy decorating & living,

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