Thursday, March 29, 2012

There's something new in my home office....

Hi friends,
How are you this week? I am finally starting to feel better. I am on a 5 day Z pack antibotics for a sinus infection. It didn't help that I forgot to take it one day. I felt like I was losing my mind there! But on the mend now thank goodness.

Do you notice anything new in my home office? 

Yep, I slipped some fabric below my plastic topper for my desk. I may try to find some really pretty paper at some point but I already had this fabric since it's on the bar stools, pillow, and edges the curtains in this room. There's my sweet daughter, Bryce, in the picture. She's the little rascal who marked up the far lower right edge of the plastic topper with crayon (it will NOT come off! Argg!).

I'm keepin' it real here people. Here are the piles of messes that I have in my home office. Stuff for an upcoming business trip and a wall with paint swatches- still can't find the right shade to paint this room. Now, I'm thinking light blue.

So so so happy springtime is here!

I hope you're doing well.
Happy decorating & living,


  1. eyes are always so pleased with your pictures filled with your creativity.