Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bein' Bold!

Hi friends,
Happy weekend to you all! Thanks for joining me today. It's good to be home though I did have a great week on my trip to visit educators in Columbia, South Carolina.

Today's posting is all about 'Bein' Bold!'. Most of my house has subtle colors (pale blues and calming greens with lots of warm grounding neutrals). You can see what I mean on my 'Tour Our Home' tab. But, this is no longer true in our kids' bathroom. We went bold! Very bold! If you can't go bold and have fun in a kids' bathroom, I don't know where you can!

My husband, Steve, painted our  kids' bathroom this week while I was away. We tested a couple of different greens on the wall before he left and we chose one. When Steve went to purchase the green paint he accidentally gave the wrong paint chip to the painter mixer man. He discovered his snafu when he got home. I told him it wasn't a problem, we'd go with it. And here is our very bold green bathroom:

Tell the truth, what do you think of our boldness? Do you have any bold paint colors in your home? Would you do it?

I picked up the sweet little pink wooden tray at Target for $2 last week in their dollar section at the front of the store. All of the artwork in the kids' bathroom was purchased on beach trips (Oak Island, SC, Charleston, SC, and the Caribbean). The multi colored rag rug used to be in my daughter's nursery room.

Take care friends. I hope you have a great weekend.
Happy decorating & living,


  1. I think it is great...especially for a child's bathroom. So it looks like apple green to me. Love the way you pulled it together. Makes me smile and nothing says happy more than a bold and sassy green.

    Well done, Steve.

    The towels are wonderful, artwork, so YOU, and it is so sweet.

    Once again, you have done it. Be proud.


  2. Thanks a lot Barb! Steve is definitely in a painting mood! He just showed me paint choices for the upstairs hallway and for my office! He's in the backyard now landscaping a tree and some bushes he just picked up. I love spring! Happy Sunday to you-