Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good-bye Asheville!

The Asheville adventure continues! On Sunday morning (my birthday) we packed up the car and said good-bye to Asheville. In lieu of a birthday cake I chose to get my cake and ice cream calories from a few Krispy Kreme donuts....yummy! What a treat!

Next, on our sugar high, we headed down the highway to Chimney Rock:

Steve has great memories of coming to Chimney Rock as a child with his family. Unfortunately, the elevator to take us to the top was out of order. The 45 minute climb on wooden rickety stairs was 'not recommended' for kids. Bryce looked at the steep stairs and said, "No!!! I am afraid of heights!"
So we will have to revisit Chimney Rock another time with older kids!

We also tried to make the 45 minute hike through the woods to the falls. We made it about 1/2 there but the heat and complaining two little rascals with us prompted us to abort our mission and head back to the car. Again, another time.

We should have known this was how this visit was going to pan out. Once we arrived in the parking lot and got out of the car both kids complained about the heat and wanted to be carried.

Some of the scenes from the movie, The Last of the Mohicans, were filmed here:

Next, after getting properly cooled off in the car with the amazing air conditioning, we headed down the road to Lake Lure:

Lake Lure is where another movie was filmed:

We would definitely like to come back and hang out longer at Lake Lure.

Home sweet home now. :)

Happy decorating & living-

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Asheville Saturday Night

Friday night in downtown Asheville was a little tough (both kids were so tired). This time we let them bring a toy to play with at dinner. This time we also learned our lesson and looked at the menu first to make sure they had 'kid food'. After trying several restaurants that were completely full, we found a table right next to the restaurant where we had eaten appetizers the night before. Cheers!

Bryce was sooo tired!

Buddy was happy with his Woody the Cowboy toy:

Buddy really wanted to eat here at this bus restaurant but it only served coffee and dessert:

Before heading to dinner Steve gave me the gift of time and shopping. Thank you honey!!!!!

 I headed to the shops at the Biltmore Village and checked out the new fall clothes at JCrew (I had a birthday gift card that was burning a hole in my purse that I had received the day before). I was shocked that I purchased some orange items (not only is orange the 'it' color for decorating this year - it's also the 'hot' clothes color too!) for fall for some travels and adventures we will be embarking on:

Orange is definitely NOT my color for decorating or for clothes. But I surprised myself by choosing some orange items that I plan on pairing with either navy or army green:

More Asheville adventures tomorrow!
Happy decorating & living-

Monday, July 25, 2011

Asheville Day 2

Hi again friends,
I wanted to share with you how we spent our Saturday in Asheville, NC. First we enjoyed breakfast in the cafe at the Courtyard Marriott (they have updated most of the Marriotts to embrace this year's "it" color: orange!)

How happy was Brayden with his chocolate muffin?

Once we were properly fueled, we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at various locations including Graveyard Fields (falls):

How would you like to live here and have this view?

Asheville's Nature Center:

Next, we did a little antiquing. Looking for a buffet for our eat-in kitchen:

All of the buffets were in the range of $400-500 which seemed a little steep to me. So the looking continues.....

More about our adventures in Asheville tomorrow.
Happy decorating & living-