Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Flowers

Hi Friends,
Thanks for stopping by today. I wanted to share with you inexpensive ways to decorate with fall flowers. Mine are all either from the grocery store, craft store (fake), or my yard. All budget friendly.

Here's an idea of how to use those beautiful fall flower bouquets we can get at the grocery store. Instead of putting all of them together in one vase, separate like colors in small different but cohesive vases for bigger impact. You can place them on a tray together with a pretty placemat or napkin underneath:


Grocery store mums:

Fake flowers or dried flowers from the craft store:


I don't know about you but flowers just make me smile.
Happy decorating & living,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Adding in the Halloween Layer

Happy Fall Y'all!!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. I've been away in sunny warm Florida working with educators and students and am so happy to be home.

Today I wanted to share with y'all our cheesy Halloween decorations. Disclaimer: cheesiness ahead!!! In my defense, I do have a 9 and 7 year old who still love Halloween so our home reflects that interest. And well, maybe I like Halloween too.

Also, we happen to live in a neighborhood FULL of kids and FULL of parents who have a lot of Halloween spirit. It's really fun how much people decorate for the holidays here.

You might remember that I shared in early September how I decorate for early fall here:

Okay, hold onto your trick or treat comes our tacky Halloween d├ęcor:


By the way, I did make the Welcome sign (recycled from an old sign- the other side says JOY for Christmas) and I made both sets of pillows below (I painted on fabric for the B pillows)-

You can't see by these photos but we have orange lights on our front porch.
The back porch has purple and orange lights and I heard there's some fire pit action happening tonight:

On beautiful days like these here in North Carolina when I'm working from home, here's where you will find me:

Let's step inside for a minute and I'll share how the Halloween tackiness continues.....

Thanks for stopping by y'all. Stop back by soon, I have some Halloween flower arrangements I want to share with you.

Happy decorating & living -

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mr. Cottage Blue's Office

Happy Fall Y'all!
I'm so excited to share Mr. Cottage Blue's home office with you as he is out of town on a business trip so I could go in there (tidy up) and take some pictures.

This room used to be our guest bedroom but Mr. Cottage Blue found that he wasn't really using his home office way upstairs away from all the action so he did all the work and swapped all of the furniture to make this switcheroo happen.

C'mon on in...

Let's go on inside his office.....

Mr. Cottage Blue is a computer and software genius! I recommend that everyone have one in the family to help out with all those tech problems.

Mr. Cottage Blue on a pilgrimage through Spain, el Camino de Santiago:

Most of the furniture in his home office has been in our family for years and was purchased at Ikea including the blue futon which doubles as an additional guest room if our guest room upstairs is occupied.

Thanks for joining me friends. Hope you are well this fall.
Happy decorating and living,