Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodwill finds!

Hi friends,
I can't believe that I am sharing this let alone writing this! I kinda thought that I was peculiar about my things.....well, actually I am pretty picky. Heck, let's just call it like it is, maybe I'm a little snobby. After all, I only read books that get excellent reviews on But, I have been shopping at the Goodwills near our house since we moved to our new state about a year ago. We have two really good Goodwills very close to our new neighborhood. This year I have frequently scored some good finds in the area of kids' clothing. After all, those rascals wear their clothes for one season and then go and grow bigger/taller! Imagine!

Well, last month I happen to be walking by the ladies' section of the Goodwill and saw a black polka dot dress with tags on it in my size. I looked at the tag from The Limited (never worn) $79. Goodwill price, $4. I thought, ok, maybe, heck, why not? Then while I was standing in the check out line to pay for my first Goodwill piece of clothing for myself I saw a red wooden bead bracelet that was speaking to me saying, "Buy me. I'll look so cute with your new red flats and red/white striped sweater!"

I don't know what's happening to me now. While my husband were having a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend in Charleston, South Carolina we came across a high-end consignment store. I thought, "Well, why not?" I scored a cute floral JCrew dress, a strapless Limited red and white floral dress (for an upcoming getaway in the Caribbean), and 3 bamboo bracelets (I think they were new). All for about $40! Am I actually turning into a thrift store girl?

Here are some other thrift store finds I have picked up:

Small white glass top rattan table for bedroom $20:

My parents bought this dresser for me to use in college 20 years ago. It was orginially painted blue. Then I painted it green with sponge paint light green on the drawers (big mistake!!!! Super ugly!). Then I striped the paint (HUGE messy job) and painted it cream. Now, it's white with glass knobs. It's wood and very large and roomy.

Easter tree $1:

How about you? Will you shop at thrift stores? Or are you too picky (like I used to be, it's true).

Thanks for joining me today friends. Hope you're having a great week-
Happy decorating & living,


  1. Smiling after reading this post! You got great things.

    Our Goodwill sucks....sorry, but true. I am still a snob. Am not convinced. I keep trying! No luck yet.

    Trip to the Carribean? You travel to great places.

    Love the black dress, the red dress is nice too. Glad you love to shop. I K.N.O.W. we could be good friends if I lived closer.

    Been soon.


  2. Hi Barb-
    Yes, I have made the transition into buying clothes for myself at Goodwill! Times are achangin'! Let's see if I actually wear these three dresses! I've already worn the bracelets. I definitely think I'll wear the cotton red and white floral strapless dress in the Islands- it's perfect for that! What are you reading now? Just started The Night Circus and am finding it very intriguing!
    Hope all is well-