Monday, March 26, 2012

Decisions need to be made....

Hi friends,
How are you? How was your weekend? We had celebrating my son's 4th birthday this past weekend:

My husband and I agreed that we are just starting to feel what every parent tells you...."time goes by so quickly when you have children". I remember checking into the hospital early early super early (like 3 am) on Easter morning 4 short years ago. Now, I have this big guy who dresses himself, washes himself, and  is potty trained (finally! Lord help me! I was changing diapers/pull ups for 5 years straight)!

We started his birthday off right by letting him have his cake first:

I might be crafty with decorating but my poor kids do get a store bought cake each and every year. I do so admire moms and dads out there that painstakingly design and bake their children's birthday cakes. That's not me. (Plus I was in South Carolina presenting at a conference until 8pm the previous night). But, I gotta say, that Food Lion cake was very moist and tasty!

Okay, thanks for letting me share some personal updates. Now, on to the good stuff, decorating.

Decisions need to be made in the upstairs hallway regarding paint color....Steve, my husband, AKA our painter, is waffling between a taupe-ish gray and a creamy sand color. I think he's most happy with the sandy color right now. He's got sample paint colors up in a variety of spots in the hallway to check on lighting:

We're also considering paint options for my office (I think we want to try some light blue options as we haven't found 'the one' yet):

Here's a small update to our family room that I wanted to share with you. The $8 left on my Pottery Card gift card from Christmas was literally (not really) burning a hole in my wallet, I just HAD to spend it, so I picked up this new pillow to compliment the other Pottery Barn pillows I picked up recently. So now I have a nice little trio:

Stop back by later this week and I'll share with you our 'very in progress' Bonus Room and our kitchen:

Hope you're having a great week. I've been fighting allergies/sinus issues for the past two weeks. I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctors today. I am hoping my 5 day dosage of antibotics (z pack) starts working immediately. We've got spring break coming up in our household and NO TIME for not feeling 100%! Thanks for joining me today.

Happy decorating & living,

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