Friday, April 6, 2012

Beach Greetings

Hi friends,
Sorry that I have been remiss in doing any recent blogs. I have been on spring break at the beach in South Carolina with my kids. I had a great friend (a BFF type) join me for a few days with her three kids. We all had a great time! Now they're gone and my husband came to join us so finally I have had a little bit of time to myself today. Ahhh! I did a little shopping which I'll share with you in a bit below.

Here are some beach pictures to share with you:

After almost a week of being a single parent I told my husband today that I wanted a little bit of time to myself. He happily obliged- he and the kids dyed Easter eggs and played outside while I was gone.  

I  headed to the grocery store and bought some new decorating magazines.

I enjoyed a wonderful lunch out- I am not afraid to eat by myself at a nice restaurant- I caught up on my latest book, The Night Circus, which I am almost finished with (it's very very good!) and ate a pimento cheese sandwhich and salad with sweet tea of course (very Southern!).

Lastly, I did some shopping. Didn't do any serious damage, just some little goodies at The Hammock Shops at Pawley's Island:

Here are some things I liked though:

I hope you all are well. I hope you have a blessed Easter.
Happy decorating & living-

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