Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wicker Chair Addition

Hi again friends,
You know I've been playing around in our family room trying to make it very comfortable and practical. After all, we use our family room the most out of any other room in our home. Yesterday I shared with you the rustic bench that I added in this space to warm it up and add additional texture and interest. I wanted to share another piece of furniture that I added recently to the room. This wicker chair and wicker ottoman repurposed from another room in our house:

This wicker chair is very special to me as it was in my mom's bedroom while she was growing up. It was originally white which I kept for a while then decided to spice it up and paint it black. The ottoman was a more recent find that I found in a natural and painted black to coordinate with the chair.

I am liking the cool elements (blues and greens in the pillows and the art work on the shelves as well as the white slipcovered sofas) in the room as well as the warm, natural tones (tan rug, coffee wall color, brown curtains, wood round tables, grey corduroy ottoman, rustic bench, and brown graphic panel curtains). I like to play with contrasting elements of color, texture, and style.

Happy decorating & living-

PS In some upcoming blog posts I want to share some cheap beach finds I got at the beach recently and how I've spiced up our Eat-In Kitchen.


  1. Hi Megan:
    Love that you are spoiling us with posts daily...even on the weekends. Your photos are so clear and your ideas so great!

    Hope you don't mind that I am making 2 suggestions and you can take them for what they are worth. SERIOUSLY!!! They just popped into my mind when I saw your post today.

    1. Love the ottoman but I think it needs something like a cushion. Why not try and fold the blue striped blanket and put it there so people can put their feet on the ottoman and it will be soft. Or perhaps there is a cushion out there in "cushion-land" that would fit and match. Just a simple thought.

    2. I think the sentimental value of the chair is heartwarming. Isn't it funny that we hold things of our MOMS so dear to our hearts. Have you tried to put the chair on the other side of the fireplace to balance the conversation area out. Not to get in the way of the pathway to the stairs....but I think it would make that corner it is now in, less crowded. Please don't think I don't love it where it is. I just had this thought that it may look nice on that side to kind of fill that space up.

    I hope your day was wonderful. I am slightly limping after my first day of ZUMBA class. I think I am dancing disabled. Have you got some good advice to give this old soul about having HOPE for this ZUMBA career I am Not really, just a class. But it looks so easy on TV...Let me tell you...IT IS NOT!

    Have a great night and can't wait to see what you are up to tomorrow.


  2. Thanks Barb! Go Zumba Barb! That's awesome! I've got friends that love Zumba, I haven't tried it myself yet. Thanks for your comments. I might try to find a cushion for the black wicker ottoman- that's a good idea and I may try repositioning the black wicker chair. Thanks for the feedback. Have a great week-