Friday, September 23, 2011

House Crashing: Living Room & Dining Room

Hi friends,
I hope you all are well. Thanks so much for the feedback about Alison's home that we are currently crashing. Everyone loves her style! Today I am going to share her living room with you. I was so inspired by her home!

Living Room:

Alison shared with me that this adorable distressed bench holds towels and blankets- very functional.

I really love the green glass jugs on top of the shelves, don't you?

Dining Room:


This dough bowl (a Craig's List find) holds shells that Alison's grandmother found in her home of Hawaii:

Alison shared with me that she prefers to use neutral paint colors on the walls (she uses the color Kiln) and adds pops of color through lamps, art work, and fabrics (curtains, pillows, blankets).

I love the warm wood tones in Alison's living and dining rooms with the beautiful fabrics and nature elements (shells, drift wood, etc.).

Stop back by my blog tomorrow and I'll share more of Alison's beautiful coastal inspired home.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Happy decorating & living-


  1. I adore the lamp and hall table. What pretty rooms, thank you for sharing them. These rooms are in colours that I love.

  2. Jane, I love the colors too! I am so inspired in Alison's home.

  3. Beautifully decorated. I love the way she has incorporated the black furniture with the wood. I especially love the dough bowl on the dining table with the shells.....and the nice lighting that accents it. So nice.

    My question to her is this...Does she keep the beachy theme of her house up all year long since it is the SOUTH and close to the ocean? Or is that only decor for the summer. Do the shells stay out all year or are they replaced each season by something else?

    What do you do also?

    The dining room reminds me of your dining space. Are your houses similar on the inside. Not the decor per say....the rooms and space, I mean. Just wondering how similar the houses are.

    Thanks for taking your time to showcase a beautiful house that we have enjoyed viewing. Can't wait for the next blog and more, more, more. Sure would be nice to see some more of her curb appeal also and the yard in the back.

    She should rightfully be proud of her home. I love it.


  4. HI Barb,
    I believe Alison shared with me that the shells stay out throughout the year because they're such special treasures. They are all either from relatives or from her adventures at various beaches.
    My five year old daughter and I LOVE to decorate for holidays. So we will put away some of our shell collections at various holidays to make room for decorations. For example, we're about to decorate for Halloween.
    I love Alison's dough bowl too and the large gorgeous shells that are in it.
    Take care.