Saturday, September 24, 2011

House Crashing: Kitchen and Eat In Kitchen

Hi friends,

We are in the middle of house crashing my friend Alison's beautiful coastal inspired home. Alison lives in my neighborhood and befriended me at the pool this summer. We both have three year boys. It's amazing how much we have in common: we are teachers, have been Child Life Specialists at hospitals, and grew up in military families.

We have seen Alison's porch, living room, and family room.

Here's Alison's Kitchen and Eat In Kitchen:

Isn't her kitchen lovely? My favorite parts are the magnetic chalkboard on the side of the refrigerator, the cool stainless steel light over the table, and the cool colors. What are your favorite parts?

Stopy back by my blog this week and I'll share her guest rooms, master bedroom/bath, child's bedroom/bath, laundry room, and bonus family room.

I am so inspired by Alison's style and use of functionality in her house. After visiting with her yesterday I came home and immediately started working on decluttering my kitchen. I removed some items from the countertops. I already feel better about how my kitchen looks.

Thanks to Alison for opening up her beautiful home to us!
Happy decorating & living-


  1. Sad...but true...And then we have to go home to our houses. So tidy, quaint, and functional. I love it all, but especially the mug rack. Where did Alison get that? Would you mind asking her?

    Alison...a lovely home you have made. BE PROUD!


  2. Forgot to say that I am amazed at the black yummy furniture and how smart it looks. Love the cloche on the table too. So many little time.

    Enough said......