Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Back.....Yoo Hoo!!!!!

Hi friends-
Yoo Hoo!!!!! I am back! Boy, have I missed sharing decorating ideas with you and hearing your thoughts and inspirations!!!!

During the last month, besides getting my laptop fixed.... (Note to self: Do NOT have laptop on the level with my 3 year old and my coffee!!!!!!! Unless I want to throw lots of money to the Geek Squad and miss my beloved laptop for over a month)...... I also traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to begin my new consultant position with Scholastic/ Math Solutions as a math coach and visited the family beach house near Pawley's Island, South Carolina. The Brewer household also embarked on a new adventure: our oldest child bravely and excitedly began kindergarten and our three year old started at a new preschool. I am happy to share that they are both adjusting awesomely and making new friends.

Okay, enough of updates, back to what's been going on with decorating....I have lots and lots to share.

I have been working on the family room. You know that I believe decorating is an organic art and we have to live with our stuff to see how it feels then make changes over time. Did you also know that I am obsessed with pillows? Here's a little secret....I have plastic bins in the attic that contain various pillows that I periodically swap out with other pillows. If I find that I am really not digging a pillow at all anymore, I will find a great new fabric and sew a new pillow cover. You know how paint is a great way to make an inexpensive big impact on a room, well, new pillows can do the same thing and they're less work!

I just added these fun fresh bright green pillows to this sofa (they were in the eat-in kitchen wicker chairs), I kinda really like them with the blue starfish pillow:

These spa blue pillows moved over to this sofa and I am liking how they compliment the warm seahorse pillows and polka dot brown pillow:

People ask me about ideas of how to have a home they love that looks great even when they have kids and clutter. Here's a tip....baskets to hide the kid stuff we don't want to see all of the time.

It's at the kids' level so they can open it anytime and put their toys back on their own (with gentle reminders from momma of course, or sometimes not so gentle reminders):

Recently, I have added some pieces of furniture to this room too from other rooms in our home that I want to share with you tomorrow that aren't in these photos. I want to get your opinion.

It's so great to be back! Can't wait to hear from you. How have you been? What's new with you?
Happy decorating & living friends-

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