Friday, September 9, 2011

Rustic Bench Additon

Hi friends,
I've been playing around in our family room. I was feeling that it was definitely missing something. The three floating shelves got a lot of attention from me this summer in terms of staging- it took me a while to work with them and really like what was going on with them. I think I am at peace with the arrangements on the three shelves (at least for know how that goes!).

Lately 2 problems arose in the Family Room:

1.  I started to feel like something was missing in the empty space below the shelves.

2. I felt like the room was kinda cold, it definitely needed some warmth and texture.

While flipping through a home decorating magazine I got a brainstorm.....a rustic bench! I knew that I didn't want to spend any money so I immediately thought of our old World Market bench that used to be quite nice. Nice that is until we decided we didn't need it inside the house anymore so we put it outside in the elements on our deck. Let me tell you, that bench became RUSTIC quite quickly (2-4 months...rustic!) left out in the North Carolina sun, heat, and humidity. I dragged the bench inside and here's what I have now:

What do you think?

I am still messing with what is on the bench. For now, it holds two blankets (one blue striped cotton and the other nubby olive green) and a textured basket with some of my favorite decorating books and glass jar of shells.

I added another piece of furniture to this room also that I am repurposing from another room in our house. I'll share that with you sometime soon.

Happy decorating & living-
Have an awesome and amazing weekend,

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