Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't mind being screened in here!

Our Screened-In Porch

Well, here it is, you know that every room is always a "work in progress" and this outside room is by no means finished. Here's what we started with:

Okay, so I played around with this blank canvas for a while. At first, I had our large wooden rectangle table out here with two benches along with 2 chairs. I really tried this idea for a while but I hated that our grouping of 4 chairs was split to 2. The other 2 chairs were on the deck. I really have a thing for 4 chairs around a round table so I moved all of the furniture around and now I am a happy camper. I decided that having the 4 chairs around the round table with the other 2 chairs in the corner was a much better set up for conversation and socializing with guests or just family. The long rectangular table has been moved to the deck. There is a ceiling fan out there and the wooven blinds can be lowered when the sun is blazing.

Steve found this quartet of chairs on They're really comfortable. The small black glass table was a Craig's List score- very inexpensive.

Our neighbors in Northern Virginia were throwing these wrought iron chairs away in the trash. They were painted white. After a fresh can of black spray paint...voila! Definitely a case of one man's trash (literally) being another man's treasure.

I scored two different fabrics from Ikea that I used to recover some old pillows. I thought they were fun, graphic, and colorful:

This family of 4 needs some organization in our lives. Yes, that's right, I couldn't stand the shoes piling up by the door. This rough large basket solved that little issue:

Steve added these little white globe lights to the perimeter of the room. Notice the cool wood ceiling too (we can't take any credit for that):

We still want to add some palm plants to add a little more 'life' to the porch but otherwise we are pretty pleased with how it turned out. An outdoor rug might be fun too. How about some speakers for music, too? My 'honey do' list is getting pretty long! Sorry honey!

I am excited to socialize with our Northern Virginia friends the Pacittis  tonight who are spending the night with us on their way home from Hilton Head, SC.

Have a great weekend. Happy decorating and living-

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