Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Things I Am Digging Right Now....

Here's a fun Monday post for you, my friends, a few things that I am digging right now. If I were Oprah maybe they'd be called 'my favorite things' or I could sing about them like Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music-(Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens...) get the idea....

Okay, you get the idea. Here we go, Megan's first "Things I Am Digging Right Now" List:

1. Trays- How in love I am with trays! You can put a tray anywhere in your home, put a few pretty things on it and voila it looks terrific! Trays are used for help your home get organized. Put items on a tray and they instantly form a little cohesive picture. I've got many trays in my house...

-A silver tray in my bathroom holds all of my creams, sprays, and gels to make me beautiful (or at least feel beautiful).

-A fun green bamboo tray in my office holds a plant and serves as a catch all for important notes to myself or "to do today!" list.

-A woven tray in my guest room holds brochures of 'What to do in Raleigh' and current magazines for our guest to browse through when staying with us.

-A white wicker tray in my living room holds decorating books, a silver dish of green and blue beach glass, and a candle in a glass holder.

-A brown wicker tray in my kids' bathroom holds some of the bath toilettries they use daily.

2. Panel curtains with large graphic prints- I can't help but notice all of the fun graphic patterns in fabric these days in catalogues, magazines, and on HGtv decorating shows.

I found these graphic panel curtains for  my family room and eat-in-kitchen at World Market:

I am also trying to think of how to use these fun graphic curtains from Ballard Designs:

3. Glass- jars for pasta and shells, dishes for pretty soaps, large colorful jugs for greenery....maybe it's because I live with a 3 and a 5 year old and can't have a lot of glass around on their level but I am really digging glass. The sparkle, the shine, the clean, clear lines, glass. What we currently keep in glass jars: pasta, tea bags, cookies, crackers, soaps, bath salts, cotton balls, Qtips, and shells.

 How about you? What are you digging right now? I'd love to hear from you!

Maybe tomorrow I'll share some old classic stand-bys, things that I've been digging for years, that don't change.

I hope you have a great day!
Happy decorating & living-

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