Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Hour Ottoman Slipcover Project

Okay, for those of you following me regularly on my decorating blog, you know that I posted a couple of weeks ago about working on a slipcover for an ugly ottoman for our bedroom. Then nothing happened. Actually, here's what really happened. I was going to use a staple gun in the project and couldn't get the darn thing to work and actually the ottoman was too soft to staple into anyway. So, I needed to rethink how I wanted to cover the ottoman. Then, this morning, I came up with a plan!

You might remember, here's the old ugly ottoman that I bought at a junk/antique store (it is NOT an antique, it's junk):

Two hours later, voila:

It was really a simple project to do. I made it up and it only took:

-sewing machine
-thread and scissors
-2 to 3 yards of fabric
-sticky back velcro

That's it! Really! And the ability to keep my 3 and 5 year old entertained.

Here's my first helper, Bryce, who drew pictures of herself as a cheerleader and princess pictures while I worked:

Then I had another visitor, Brayden, who stopped by after playing in his room with his Thomas the Tank Engine train and friends:

Oh yeah, Raven the dog stopped by too:

Okay, back to the two hour ottoman slipcover project.

First, I cut a large rectangle to cover the top of the ottoman and extend down a few inches. (Brayden ran off with my tape measure while I was working so I was using my estimation skills here. The tape measure is still missing in action!)

Then I used the sticky back velcro to make nice corner on the fabric.

Once I was sure I liked the placement of the sticky back velcro (which by the way, I bought at the grocery store, you can also buy it at sewing stores like Joanne Fabrics), I simply sewed the velcro in place so I would know it would stay in place for a long time.

Next, I cut a strip of fabric to go along the bottom half of the ottoman. Again, that tape measure was still missing so I was doing a lot of estimating today (my math friends would be proud of me!).

Then I simply sewed the edges of the strip of fabric so they couldn't fray.

Next I added some sticky back velcro to the strip of fabric that was now sewn.

Finally, I added some velcro to the top piece of the ottoman and attached the top and bottom pieces of fabric with velcro. Now I have a new slipcovered ottoman that slips off easily if it needs to be washed.

Two hours later:

Our bedroom needs a lot of help. It all white and very boring right now. This will be one of my summer projects. I will share some photos with you of our very boring plain Jane white bedroom this weekend and brainstorm some ideas to spice it up!

Happy decorating and living-
Let me know how I can help you decorate your home.

P.S. The fabric used in this project is one I've used a lot in the past and had a few yards leftover. It's called Sausalito and it's an indoor/outdoor fabric which is very easy to work with. I purchased it from Calico Corners:

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