Wednesday, June 8, 2011

White Frame Black & White Photo Arrangement

Well, I finally got our printer fixed and was able to print a few new black and white photos for this arrangement in our living room. This is a special room that you see immediately when you enter our home. I wanted it to be a pretty and welcoming space with some personality. This is the room where our Christmas tree will be housed in December. Most of our family living happens in the family room next to this room but this could be a space to sit and read or visit with a friend:

I found inspiration for this idea from decorating magazines (Coastal Living, Country Living, and Cottage Living are some of my favorites). The collection below I found in a Pottery Barn catalogue.

The main idea that I pulled from the collections I liked was:

-choose either all color photos or all black and white photos.....don't mix black and white photos with color photos
-choose frames with a similar finish (all gold or all black)....I chose all white
-choose different white frames to add an element of interest

Something to consider: do you want to hang your photos in a somewhat symmetrical grid or do you want to to hang more hapazardly? For this arrangement, I chose a somewhat symmeterical grid.

First, I laid out some possible arrangements on the floor to see how it might look before I starting nailing in the wall.

Something else to consider: size of the first, I had some small white frames in the mix but I didn't like the way they worked in the mix so I took them out and instead opted for white frames all about all the same size. I think it worked better for this space for the frames to be about the same size.

Here are some of my favorites:

Me, at two years old-

 Steve as a baby-

Bryce & Brayden at the beach last month-

Our family at the same beach two years ago-

Our family of 3 before Brayden visiting my brother in San Francisco and meeting his fiance (now wife Noriko)-

Now, it wouldn't be a post from me without my sharing with you what future ideas I have for this room.

1. Looking for a 5 X 8 rug with soft greens, blues, and tans in it.
2. Looking for an interesting chandelier to hang in the room. I am considering this one from Pottery Barn (maybe a birthday present for me next month, hint, hint family.....)

Hope you are inspired to do something to make your home more you, more beautiful, and more relaxing. It can be something small, like moving a lamp to a different room or placing a throw blanket on the back of a sofa for a pop of color, whatever it is, I hope it brings harmony to your room and a smile to your face.

Happy decorating and living-
God Bless You-


  1. I love your site!! You have given me inspiration and ideas! Thank you - I am your new best follower! How do you keep your white furniture white with kids? There are just the two of us (my partner and me) and we have trouble - but I adore white so ...

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