Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What does a guest room need?

Hi friends,
I need your help. Now that we've recently moved from Virginia to North Carolina, we been blessed to have had many guest visitors of friends and family.  I want our visitors to keep coming back and for more to come! Here's how I need your help. What makes a perfect guest room? Think to a time that you've stayed in someone's guest room. What made the room comfortable? I would love to hear from you.

Here's our guest room.....

Honestly, I am so happy to have a guest room. In our last house, we had one tiny room in our basement that served as our guest room, my husband's office, and my home office. So, now to have one room dedicated in our home as a guest room is awesome! I also love that our guest room is located on the first floor by itself whereas the other bedrooms are upstairs.
I think it gives our guests their own space. I want to share some of the comforts of our guest room that I purposely added to hopefully make this space more comfortable for our guests. But I want to hear ideas on how to make the room better.

Here, a bench holds towels for the adjoining guest bath:


One of my decorating philosophies is that every bedroom has a chair in it. It might be used for reading or relaxing or just a place to sit and put on your shoes:

The art work in this room is very special to us because we bought it on our honeymoon in St. Thomas and St. John. I smile every time I see it and I hope that it sets a relaxing, fun mode in the room:

In the closet an extra blanket on the top shelf plus hangers......

A basket that holds reading materials (things to do in Raleigh brochures and magazines) as well as a hair dryer:

I put a laundry basket in the guest room's closet so our guest can have a place to put used towels and linens:

After being our first official visitor, I asked my mom to tell me what she thought the room needed. She had a couple of suggestions. My mom said a full length mirror would be helpful. She also suggested that I add a hook in the guest bathroom which I did. Another thing she mentioned was adding a floor lamp near the chair which I haven't done yet (well, actually I did buy a floor lamp for this room but then I put it in the living room and it looked really good in there! So it stayed in there!)

Things to do for this room:

1. Change wall paint to a cool green or blue.

2. Add a floor lamp by the chair in the corner.

3. Possibly add a small garden table/stool by the chair so our guests have a spot to place their books/glasses/phones, etc.

Friends, what do think makes a guest room cozy???? I'd love to hear any ideas you've having to make this space more comfortable.

Come and stay at Casa Brewer!
Happy decorating & living-

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