Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chalkboard find!

Kudos to my husband for checking out Craig's List for a chalkboard. He found one and picked it up last night from a lady who made it herself (she even had this saying already written on it which seemed special):

The size of the chalkboard seems to fit perfectly in this space in our eat in kitchen.
I am digging the shabby chic frame:

The frame on the chalkboard is painted a soft pale mint green. I am not sure about this color- it would be super easy to paint over (maybe white or cream or a different shade of green). Right now I am living with the mint green color- I actually like that it's a different shade of green than the green on the pillow. I don't think colors have to be the exact same. I think it adds more interest in a room to have a couple of shades of a color as long as the tones don't fight each other- they need to live in harmony. Both of the greens are in this room are cool and light.

Still looking for some type of distressed small buffet or cabinet for this area:

Here's the Room Make-Over Design Plan that I created for this room. It's coming along....

Happy decorating & living-

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