Saturday, August 6, 2011

Really digging Rattan!

Hi friends,
I wanted to share something that is really inspiriting me lately that I am seeing a lot of...... rattan!
Who would have guessed? I am really digging the cane or pole bamboo variety that homeowners paint.
I am really wanting to find some cool pieces to paint myself and incorporate into my decorating designs:

I think rattan really speaks to my Coastal Cottage Chic vibe that I am into these days. What do you think?  Do you dig rattan? Do you have any rattan in your home? Is it painted?

Happy decorating & living-


  1. Yes I have lots of it ...inside and inside- outside so to speak! A cranberry painted rocker on side of garage with crocks around it... A rattan chair I got at a tag sale for 20.00 and newly upholstered seat cushion...( I might add that the cranberry I got off someones trash pile...score!,,) and beautiful Pottery Barn rattan chair and sofa on my glassed in porch...the inside-outside partbof my house!!
    Love the look, comfort and how you can change it's look so many ways. I will add that the PB is not painted... But stained.

    Have a wonderful weekend...we are going blueberry picking.
    Working on reading stuff for you.

  2. Ah! A fellow rattan lover! I have a couple of pieces but definitely want more. Your pieces sounds beautiful! I love the look of rattan too- so comfortable, airy, and casual yet pretty. Enjoy blueberry picking and happy reading! Thanks Barb!

  3. Have you seen the new magazine put out by COASTAL LIVING titled Our Favorite Beach Cottages? It is dated 2011 and says display until 10/7/11. On the cover is a white living room with blue and white (yahoo for blue) furniture and says seaside style and 253 ideas you can use now. This is one of those special publications that they come out with and the cover is really nice.

    I got mine at Hannaford grocery store and I imagine it is also at Barnes and Noble and other grocery stores.

    Let me know if you can't find it. It is wonderful and worth the 12.99 an issue. I love it. If you can't locate I can send you one.


  4. Thanks for the Coastal Living tip Barb! I will look for it this week! I have a subscription to Coastal Living- it's one of my favorite magaines! Take care-