Friday, August 12, 2011

Trays are it!

Hi friends,
A friend who lives in Texas recently emailed me and asked for help 'staging' her kitchen table. She has young kids with a busy life and wanted an idea to help her kitchen table look more 'put together and organized'. We ALL can identify with this!!!!

I shared with her one of my decorating tips: TRAYS!

Use trays to make any space look more organized and neat. The minute we place a few items on a tray the items instantly take on a cohesive appearance.

Here are some trays from my home:

Here are some cool trays that I found online:

Some tips for working with trays:

-Try putting at least one item from nature on your tray (a dish of small pebbles, a bowl of apples, a plant, flowers in a vase)

-Try to place about 3-4 items on the tray (you don't want to be too cluttered except for maybe a tray like my silver one above in my bathroom that holds my beauty creams)

-Spice it up and change out an item or 2 on your tray at least once a month

-Be creative and have fun! In the fall you could put some acorns in a dish, candy corn in a jar, pine cones in a bowl....

What are you thinking about trays? Do you have any trays in your home? Can you think of some that you could start using? Are you inspired to go out and find a new tray? What will you put on it?

Happy decorating & living-

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