Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New light in my office

Hi friends,
You may remember that we chose to forego the option of a dining room (I sound like Chris Harrison's note from The Bachelor show....'should you chose to forego your individual rooms and stay as a couple in our fantasy suite'.....he writes the word 'forego' on his fantasy suite note each and every time just like he has to always tell us exactly when it is the last rose, like we can't count! Am I right? Or am I right?).....anyway, sorry for that.....we chose to forego the dining room so that I could have a home office.....

Old light in my home office which I thought was too large and ornate for this casual space:

New light (from our old house in Virginia) in my home office that my husband recently added for me:

I am a little worried that the scale of this new light is not quite right for this room and for my large craft table. It's funny because the light we had in here before was definitely too large and ornate but now I am afriad this light is too small. But....I really love this light and wanted to reuse it somewhere in our house. So, it will stay here for a while. Either it will grow on me or maybe I can come up with another suitable home for it somewhere else in our home......

What do you think?

In this room, still need to:

1. Purchase a small 5 by 8 area rug for under the craft table.

2. Paint, paint, paint....probably a soft, light blue.

Happy decorating & living to you,


  1. Good morning, Megan!

    OK...the light. I know you love that light but I think you may have to relocate it to another smaller room. I feel it is too small for the room....sorry. Hope I haven't hurt your feelings. Personally, I like the old light...

    I think you need to paint soon and then decide on the light.

    Wish I lived closer....I LOVE to paint!

    Isn't it funny how we become attached to certain lights, pieces of furniture and absolutely have to have them in our houses...I have done the same thing...many times. There are times when it just won't work... :(

  2. Hi Barb,
    I completely agree with you- the scale of the new light in my office is totally off- too small. I am really thinking there is a larger basket light at Ikea that I like a lot. I think I'll break the news to my husband in a little whilte- that we need to purchase a new light and he needs to change the lights. I don't think this old light is going to have a home in our new home but I'll keep thinking about it. Take care- Megan