Monday, July 16, 2012

Bedroom Fireplace?

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While my husband and I snuck away recently to Pinehurst we stumbled across an antique store that was selling old rustic fireplaces with mantles. My husband's creative gears started going. He wants to add a rustic fireplace to our bedroom. It would be non-working of course. We definitely have the space for it. Our bedroom is quite large and we're having a time at figuring how to fill it. If it was really big I'd go for a sitting area with two chairs but it's not that big- we have one comfortable chair in there with an ottoman and small round table.

Here's the last posting I did on our bedroom last year:

I will be adding curtains soon which will definitely add to the room- I've been saving up Pottery Barn gift cards (those curtains aren't cheap!).  I am also looking for two round mirrors to flank our bed similar to the round mirror in the picture below.

Here are some inspiration fireplace in bedroom pictures to think about (of course, they are working fireplaces which we won't have):

I am warming up to the idea of a fireplace in our room with a mantle. The thing that's holding me back is how permanent it will be. But my husband is super excited about the idea and he usually has great ideas. So what the heck! Let's do it!

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