Sunday, October 23, 2011

Updated: Master Bedroom

Hi friends,
I wanted to share what I've been up to in our master bedroom. You might remember that it's been a pretty Plain Jane Blank Canvas since we moved into our new home in April. It's S-L-O-W-L-Y getting a make-over (Say it like it is: it takes cashola to make these changes and money doesn't grow on trees but oh, how I wish it did!).

Here was the Room Make-Over Design Plan that I created for this boring Master Bedroom this summer:

Here's the Blank Slate that we started with, Before:

In Progress:

I've recently made two additions to the room that I wanted to share with you:
  • bamboo blinds
  • new small rattan table by reading chair

Do you like the table with the small linen cloth on it or no cloth?

By the way, I picked up this sweet rattan white table at the local Goodwill store for twenty bucks! What a find! I thought it was perfect for the space! With all of the right angles in the room and in some of the furniture, I wanted a curving round piece to break up the straight lines. The headboard also has nice curves.

I still want to purchase some pretty blue/white striped panel curtains for the windows to add another layer of warmth and texture to this large room. I also really want to add some cool artwork (though I have no idea what!) to the very blank wall by the dresser.

Check out this sweet colored pencil sketch that my husband's cousin, Brooke, did of our children. Isn't it amazing?

I also wanted to share two terrific magazines that are out right now. I keep rereading them in my Master Bedroom reading chair because they're that good!

  • Brand New first edition of HGTV magazine
  • Coastal Living's special edition: Our Best Make-Overs

I am finding that I am starting to love this room. My favorite time is when I'm home midday when the sun is shining through the windows- perfect time to curl up in white slipcovered chair and read my latest book on my Kindle.

I am hoping to wrap up the decorating for this room soon (new blue/white striped curtains and additional artwork) because there are many, many other rooms upstairs in our home that need work (master bathroom, daughter's bedroom, son's bedroom, husband's office, and bonus room). Whew! I better get back to work and make some money to help pay for some of these changes!

Happy decorating & living to you,

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