Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blogging About Blogs

Hi friends,
Thanks for joining me today. Sometimes I am asked what blogs I reguarly follow so I thought I'd share some that I like. Since I've been staying with my parents while my mom is preparing for her chemotherapy treatments to start I've actually found myself with more time on my hands to try out different blogs. I've love to hear what blogs you follow. Please share with me what blogs you are digging.

Megan's Favorite Blogs to Follow:

1. Organizational Blog-

2. Hilarious Blog by author of this book I am currently reading-

3. Mommy Blog- this particular post is wonderful- I shared it with my mom today-

4. Decorating Blog-

5. Life Blog-

Hope you're having a good 4th of July week friends.
Happy living,

1 comment:

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