Sunday, July 1, 2012

20 years Flies By When You're Old!

Hi friends,
Warning: Today's post has to do with running in cemeteries. I know, I know, this is a decorating blog but the cool thing about a blog is that you can really write about whatever you want whenever you want! So, voila, running in cemeteries...why not?

As many of you know, I am currently in Northern Virginia supporting my family emotionally while my mom battles Ovarian cancer while my amazing husband is home in Raleigh, North Carolina being mom, dad, doctor, cruise director and more to our kids. My mom is home now from the hospital resting and trying to get her strength and energy up for her first chemotherapy treatment next week. I decided to get out for a little while today and get some exercise. I strapped on my running shoes and grabbed my ipod and headed to the local cemetery (my parent's neighborhood borders the cemetery) despite the 100 degree weather. I always remember this statement from Christopher Reeve that he said, something about nothing makes him more frustrated that people who CAN who don't. Well, I can, so I am (well, at least for today).

My dad introduced me to running twenty years. 20 years ago, I had just graduated from college, Elon University in North Carolina with a major in psychology and had moved home (like everyone else!) because I had no money. I did a 6 month unpaid Child Life Specialist internship at Children's Hospital in Washington, DC. This job focused on helping the hospitalized child deal with the emotional aspects of being in the hospital and being sick (basically supporting the child through play and a lot more). Since I wasn't getting paid, it was great to live at home. I continued to live at home during the next two years while I went to graduate school to become a teacher and worked as a nanny for two wonderful families. I moved out with roommates when I got my first teaching job.

Back to living at home and running. My dad had been running marathons and races so I was happy to get out and show him that I could run too! We used to run through the neighboring cemetery as one of our running routes. I know it sounds kinda creepy but it's actually really quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

As I was running/walking there today I was thinking back to all of the ways my life has changed in the past 20 years: many different jobs, different hairstyles, different places that I lived, hundreds of dates (feels like that! I should do a post about that!), meeting my husband at 35, having two children, two master degrees, and moving to North Carolina.

Here's the cemetary:

Thanks for joining me today friends.
I hope you have a wonderful July 4th week-
Here's to joyful living,

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