Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year in Review: Part 2

Hi friends,
Thanks again for stopping by my little decorating blog. Last week I shared some staged photos from our old house in Annandale, Virginia that we sold last spring after living in it the last 5 years.

Today I wanted to share more of the rooms. Let's move into our small master bedroom (the photos show the bed oriented in different ways). My husband put up the beadboard throughout the room. The cool shelf along the ceiling on one wall was there when we bought the house.

Here are our kids' bedrooms. Now, remember these are staged photos....most of their toys were stashed in the attic to make their rooms seem bigger.

Here's the one bathroom on the main floor that we ALL (yes 4 of us!) shared. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE the fact that now we have our own bathroom and the kids have their own bathroom plus a guest bath. My husband and his father renovated this bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by again. Tomorrow I'll take you downstairs to our basement which housed the family room, play room, office/guest room/bath, and laundry room. Yes, I even staged the laundry room!

Happy decorating & living,

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