Sunday, January 1, 2012

Organizational Zone Update

Hi friends,
Happy New Year! How did you welcome in the new year last night? As predicted, we were in bed wayyyyy before the ball dropped in NYC! Steve cooked an awesome and amazing dinner for us. Did you know he is the cook in our family? He made a beef brisket in the cookpot with potatoes and carrots. I could smell it cooking all day long and it was delicious! My daughter suggested that we have a party so we bought a huge New Year's balloon and a tiny cake. Each member of the family blew out one candle on the cake then we played Wii.

We also tackled our latest project. We transformed our massive hall closet into a organizational zone for all of our kids' stuff (backpacks, coats, shoes....).

After one short trip to Lowes and voila:

I purchaed the white metal three shelved rack for under $20! I also picked up the blue and green baskets there as well as the rug. Brayden, our three almost four year old son, is super pysched to have a special space for his stuff! So is his big sister, Bryce.

Steve attached these white metal hooks to the back of the closet for the kids' various coats and jackets.

Did you know that I work for Scholastic (Math Solutions) as an educational consultant? They sent me this adorable calendar for 2012. Perfect to help the kids stayed organized!

Brayden's stuff is on the bottom shelf, large basket holds his shoes, smaller basket holds his mittens, hats, scarves...

Bryce's stuff is on the middle shelf. Same deal, large basket holds shoes and smaller basket holds cold weather gear.

Top shelf holds backpacks.

Top row of hooks holds heavy coats and lower row of hooks holds light weight jackets.

The other half of the closet holds our coats and two large plastic bins that are at kid level. One plastic bin holds craft supplies (crayons, markers, coloring books, paper, glue, scissors, you name it!) and the other bin holds playdough and accessories which is losing it's popularity in our household (probably an age thing!). There's also space up top for our various bags.

And the VERY BEST part of this new organizational project is when we shut the closet door....bye bye stuff!

And hello nice neat hallway....

A place to sit to put on your shoes....

Happy New Year friends!
We'll return to my staging of our old sweet house in Annandale, Virginia tomorrow because there's more to show you.
Happy decorating & living-

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