Thursday, January 5, 2012

My friend Jane

Hi friends,
A friend of mine from blog world asked me to share my Design Style Questionnaire with her and analyze it for her. I wanted to introduce you to Jane and share her style with you.

Jane is an educator from Australia and she's enjoying her summer break right now. She loves to work in her garden as well as travel and spend time with her children and grandchilren.:

Her style is Simple Classic Contemporary

I want to share some pieces that Jane loves with you:

My brother has these Eames Eiffel chairs that Jane loves and I can share first hand that they're very comfortable to sit in-

Jane loves the simple classic lines of these metal beds:

Jane also loves simple classic and soft white linens on her bed (don't you just love it?). I always have white sheets on our bed too.

One of Jane's all-time favorite decorators is Nake Berkus. 
I love him too! He's such a cutie pootie and designs such beautifully relaxing spaces.

Here are some of his rooms. I wonder which ones are Jane's favorites:

Jane loves to use these 3 colors inspired by nature in her spaces (me too!):




Here are some inspiration rooms for Jane that I think are her style of Simple Classic Contemporary. I wonder which ones Jane is drawn to? How about you?

Here are some of the types of questions I asked Jane on her questionnaire:

Look in your closet, what colors do you see the most reflected in your clothes?
Think about which outfit is your favorite to wear (one in which you feel most confident and special). Describe it below.
Think of a very happy memory. Describe it for me.
Do you like to travel? ______ If yes, describe one of your most favorite trips for me. Be sure to include some of the highlights.
If you had a free day all to yourself, how would you spend it?
Tell me about 1 or 2 of your hobbies.
How do you feel when you are in your home?
What space in your home is your favorite and why? Describe it.
Close your eyes, imagine your dream home. How would you feel inside it? What do you see?
Think about a place or space where you’ve felt most inspired or at peace. Describe it for me.
Do you watch decorating shows? If so, which ones?
Do you read decorating magazines? If so, which ones?

Here's what Jane wrote after filling out the Design Style Questionnaire:

" I have learned that I have changed.
I have learned that I am much more in charge of my surroundings than I have been in the past.
I have learned that I am much closer to what I want to be than I was a very short time ago.
I have learned that this process was not a simple as I had first thought.
I have learned that I am on the right track in my home decoration. "

Thank you to my friend Jane for sharing all about her decorating ideas and styles by answering my Design Style Questionnaire. It was so much fun learning all about Jane!

Happy decorating & living-

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