Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day 2

What a surprise! My awesome brother Richard and his sweet wife Noriko sent me this beautiful Bougainvillea Bonsai flower today for Mother's Day. It just arrived! I LOVE holidays/celebrations that take place over a week. I hope I can keep it alive. The instructions say that it likes lots of light and water. I am hoping that this porch gets the right kind and amount of light for it to thrive.

Doesn't the deep pink of the Bourgainvillea compliment the deep pink of the pillows nicely? I am currently working on sewing more pillows for our screened-in porch. I bought the fabric (super cheap at Ikea for only $6 a yard, who knew they had fabric there?). I'll post more photos soon of the screened-in porch. Still need to: hang some art work out there and hang globe lights out there.

Please come back to my blog tomorrow. I am going to be doing different arrangements on the 3 white floating shelves in the Family Room and need advice on which arrangement looks best. Thanks!

Happy decorating and living-

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