Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curtain Call: Act 2

So yesterday I shared the new Pottery Barn linen and blue panel curtains for our Living Room. Today I wanted to share the new World Market graphic brown and cream curtains for our Family Room. I checked all of the World Markets (2) in Raleigh and no one had them except one sample on display. Interestingly too, World Market doesn't show these curtains on their website: maybe they're too new or too old, I don't know. This past weekend we happened to be in Charlotte, N.C. celebrating Mother's Day with my awesome Mother-in-Law (hi Shelia!) and I begged my husband to take a slight detour to the World Market store after the Discovery Place Museum for kids, what an amazing place! It was pretty expsensive but I think it was the best children's musesum we've ever been to (and that's saying a lot because we go to a lot of children's museums):

Anyway, back to the curtains....the Charlotte store had the curtains- 4 panels left calling my name!

Here's the Family Room BEFORE the curtains:

Here's the Family Room AFTER with the addition of the graphic brown curtains:

Sorry that these photos are a little dark too. Like the Living Room curtains, I opted to just flank each of the two windows as opposed to having two panels on each one. I was certain that I didn't want the curtains to cover up any of the windows- I love the view outside of the North Carolina pine trees. I still need to hang another set of these curtains by the sofas. I need to purchase a curtain rod that will fit our bank of three windows by the sofas.

I do really like the graphic brown print for our Family Room. As you can see in the first photo, our Family Room has a lot of neutral colors in it (white, brown, and tan) with pops of blue. I wanted the curtains for this room to serve two purposes:
     1. to warm up the room visually a bit
     2. to add a bit of pop to the room since the room is so neutrally grounded

I think these fun graphic curtains achieved my goal! I'll post photos of the other 2 remaining curtains when I get a new curtain rod to hang behind the sofas.

This weekend I really need your help! I've got these three hanging shelves that came with the house that I'm having a real hard time figuring out how to stage them. I am going to stage the shelves in three different ways on Saturday and I'd love to hear from you which one you think is best. Any ideas for me before I start?????  

Here are the shelves that I need help with and the way it looks right here definitely isn't working for me:

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!
Happy decorating and living-


  1. I like option three for your shelves - only because I think the middle (second) shelf deserves something a little larger than the first two options. BTW - beautiful home you have - although you know that already lol. Your walls look to be about the same shade as mine - you have beautiful white trim - and alas - my home was built ~ 12 years ago - and the trim is all stained oak - with hardwood floors - too much wood!! I've contemplated painting it - but it seems a monumental task that I cannot undertake - plus it's scary - what if I get started and don't care for it??? Oh - and I really like your crown molding above your windows, etc.... I have it around the ceiling in my great room - and around kitchen cabinets - but - my windows / doors are framed w/ these little wood rosettes in the corners - and the curvy trim that goes w/ that. Hard to change stuff like that - but I really don't care for them.

  2. Thanks Sonya. I agree with you that the middle shelf deserves a big piece. I did finally (at least for the time being because I am always spicing it up and changing things!) decide on the large fun watercolor print for the the middle shelf with the similar smaller print by the same artist. I am struggling a bit with the wall color. My preference on wall color (at least right now, again I change my mind) is for soft blue. We just moved into this home and everything is brown, taupe, or a latte color (downstairs at least). I don't want to repaint now so I am trying to make the warm tones blend with our stuff that is mostly light and neutral with pops of color (blue, green). I am feeling good about it so far. I agree with you, I LOVE architectual details like crown molding too, especially when they're painted white. I notice on the HGtv shows that I watch that the molding the the midwest of the US in houses is left a wood color- not painted. Here in the east it usually is painted white, that's my preference. Take care Sonya. Great hearing from you.
    Happy decorating and living-