Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Curtain Call: Act 1

I am so excited that yesterday I was able to put up curtains in two rooms. They're already making a big impact in the rooms. There are still several rooms (master bedroom and guest room) that need some serious window treatment attention but we'll get to that later....this is definitely going to the be the summer of decorating. I am having so much decorating our new home!

Here's the living room pre-curtains (you see the collection of white frames with black and white family photographs that I am still working on that will eventually be hanging behind the small sofa). I opted to just add a single panel on the outside of each window. With the wooden white mirror in between the windows I thought flanking each window with two panels would be too much (both visually and for my wallet!). I am happy with the single panel on each window. Last year I was really into grommet curtains, this year I am digging the panel curtains with the hanging rings. Sorry that the living room photos are dark, it's a really hard room to get good light for camera usage in.



These curtains were purchased with a gift card from Pottery Barn (thank you Mother-in-Law for the house warming gift card!) and actually turned out more beautifully than I could have imagined. I fell in love with the curtains online. They actually looked more white and airy online. The curtains do have thin blue lines running through them. The living room now has a warm taupe paint color on the wall which I wasn't completely sure would work with the white curtains. I do eventually want to change the paint color to a softer, lighter color. But when the curtains arrived I saw that they're actually not white but a warm linen color which compliments the room better than I imagined. Here's the picture of the curtains from Pottery Barn (don't you think they look more white and airy?):

Stop by tomorrow and I'll show you the new graphic brown and cream curtains in the Family Room.
Happy decorating and living-

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