Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthdays at the Beach

Good morning! Welcome to North Litchfield Beach, South Carolina:

We came here this week to celebrate my daughter Bryce's 5th birthday and my husband Steve's 40th birthday on May 20. This is a very special way to celebrate their birthdays. When I was young my family would come to this exact spot and celebrate my July birthday and my dad's July birthday (within the same week). My mom would order a special birthday cake for us from a bakery in Myrtle Beach and we would spend the evening riding the rides at the old Pavillon. Good memories! I am looking forward to making new memories with my kids here.

What is a favorite birthday memory of yours?

Yesterday afternoon when we arrived we tried to fly kites but it was actually too windy- no success. Then since we were starving since we kinda skipped lunch (ate snacks during the car ride) we headed to the Creek Ratz restaurant on Murrell's Inlet and had some yummy seafood. They have an awesome boardwalk along the inlet behind the restaurant. Finally, headed to the grocery store for some essentials then back to the beach house for some running on the beach and splashing in the water before baths and bedtime.

Here are some old favorite photos of Bryce and Steve visiting this beach a few years ago when Bryce was 2 years old that I wanted to share:

So I realize my post today isn't about decorating but I am definitely getting inspired by the natural beauty of this amazing location.
Happy decorating and living to you-

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