Thursday, June 28, 2012

Organized for Summer

Hi friends,
Thanks for joining me today. I am still in Virginia hanging out with my parents and supporting my mom after her surgery this week. Keep those prayers coming for a speedy and healthy recovery. I really appreciate it! I wanted to share our updated hall closet with you. You might have seen last winter when I couldn't take all the kid stuff in our hallway anymore and cleaned out this closet to organize it with kid stuff.



Here's how I recently updated that hall closet that is mostly dedicated to our kids with bathing suits and pool towels for easy access:

Brayden's bathing suits:

Bryce's bathing suits and cover-ups:

Brayden's shoes:

Bryce's shoes:

The last day of school is this week (year round school) so we'll probably stop laying out clothes for the week in this closet until the start of school again (in 3 short weeks!):

Pool towels for the family next to the pool bag:

Let me share the other side of the closet with you. It holds, suprise!, more kids' stuff: Lego bin, art supply bin, playdough, etc.

The absolute best part of this hall closet that I can close it and all of the stuff goes away! Bye Bye!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!
Thanks for joining me today.
Happy decorating & living,

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  1. Great post! Was wondering where you bought the white shelving unit for the closet. It would be perfect for my closet. Please advise.

    The year round is that working for you? Is it public schooling and do you have a choice? Are all schools in area year round? Does it work well with working parents? Perhaps a posting on this. Curious how it all works!

    Sending positive vibes your way for a restful and relaxing weekend. Stay positive and don't forget to smile.