Thursday, August 9, 2012

Updated: Master Bedroom

Hi friends,
Thanks so much for joining me today. Greetings from the beach in South Carolina where I'm having a great time and taking a break from my little decorating blog. Here are my son and I out to dinner one night (sorry the picture isn't so good- taken from my iphone) (I really just wanted to show off my new JCrew Outlet dress to be perfectly honest!):

As you can probably tell, my son is at times a little shy and you definitely would not describe him as a risk taker (which as his mom, is honestly perfectly fine with me!). Anyway, I showed him how to boogie board once and this little joker spent the next two hours boogie boarding his heart out and occasionally wiping out! It was awesome! It didn't hurt that there were three bigger kids nearby boogie boarding too.

Okay, okay, enough of our family vacation. Let's get on with some decoarting. I have been saving Pottery Barn gift cards for months to save up to purchase curtains for our master bedroom. You might have remembered that I purchased some Pottery Barn curtains at Christmas time with gift cards but they were horribly wrong in there! (At Christmas and my birthday, all I really want is stuff to decorate the house with! And maybe a massage and some new clothes! What can I say? I am easy to buy for! :))

Anyway, these curtains are definitely working for my husband and I. They add so much warmth to the mostly white room and a touch of luxury. I also found two inexpensive bamboo circle mirrors that play off of the bamboo shades in the room to flank the bed. See what you think:



You might remember that I made the two shell mirrors in the room. I also covered the lampshade by our bed with fabric I liked. I made the ottoman slipcover as well. I did pay a professional to cover the little chair (that I got at a thrift store for $35) with a white cotton washable slipcover. All of the furniture in the room (minus the bed) is from thrift stores.

I am still looking for a long bench to add to the end of the bed to put pillows on during the night and my husband wants to add an antique fireplace mantle to the room. It's always a 'work in progress' as is every room in our house.

Thanks again for joining me today friends. I hope you're having a great week. I may pop in a time or two again during my 'blog break' before I head back to reality.
Take care.
Happy decorating & living-


  1. Stunning, as always. I really love the new curtains. So worth the wait!

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