Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Temporary Artwork

Hi friends,
Thanks for stopping by today. I wanted to share with you an idea I had for artwork for my home office. I had a hole on one portion of a wall in my home office that needed something- some type of artwork. I have my eye on a 'Cottage Rules' sign on but I didn't want to spend the money on it right now. So, instead I went up to our attic and walked around to see what inspiration I could find.

I found these two white glass cabinet doors that go to a piece in our Bonus Room that holds DVDs (we took the doors off the cabinet so that the kids could easily get to their DVDs). I thought maybe I could use the doors to display pictures:

I was also thinking that I could display postcards or special cards. Perhaps I could even make this piece into a 'vision or dream board'. The possibilities are endless and all I need to do when I tire of  the items on it are swap them out. I simply hot glued clothespins onto it to hold what I wanted to display.

I am pretty sure this piece won't stay in this space forever (nothing stays forever anywhere in my house!) but until I get something better, I think it'll do for now.

What do you think?

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you're having a great week. I need to update my BOOKS tab soon and share what I actually ended up reading this summer. How about you? What were some of your summer reads?

Happy decorating & living,


  1. You know something? I like the temporary artwork better than the sea horses on the other side. No idea why really, maybe it's because the anles of the window panes are reflected in the angles of the gorgeous square artworks beside them. From a distance, the angles of the desk are picked up too, as are the boxes in the shelving unit. I love this artwork and the temporariness of it makes it even more special. Jane x

  2. Thanks Jane!!!!! I really appreciate your comment. I still love the seahorses but I'll keep the glass cabinets up for a while.
    Take care friend.

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