Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mom's Trays

Hi friends,
Greetings from the beach in South Carolina where we are celebrating the last few moments of summer. I thought I'd just pop in today to share how I've incorporated two of my mom's old floral painted trays with you in our family room and eat-in kitchen. They make me so happy when I see them, remembering them in my parent's house. I smile!

Here's the blue one:

And the black one:

Thanks for joining me today friends. I hope you have a super week.
Happy decorating & living,


  1. Doesn't matter what these trays look like. The fact that they are your Mom's trays is KEY! They have sentimental value in your heart!! Enjoy them and use them. They bring your Mom a little bit closer to you!

    I love them for their beauty...but more than that...because they are special to you!

    Hope your day was grand...

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