Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tweaking THOSE Shelves

Hi friends,
How are you this week? Geez, I can't believe it's already Thursday and time for another weekend. My daughter and I traveled to Northern Virginia last weekend after soccer practice on Saturday to spend the weekend (and Mother's Day) with my parents. We had a great time. Here is my dad with Bryce, who just retired officially this week, Congratulations DAD!

This upcoming weekend we will be celebrating my daughter's 6th birthday and my husband's 41st birthday on Sunday, May 20th. It's very special to us that she was born on her dad's birthday and in his hometown near Charlotte, North Carolina when we were visiting six years ago. She was born 7 weeks early so it was a surprise to have a baby out of town. Surprise!

I've been at it again! You know I can't leave well enough alone. It's THOSE shelves again. The 3 white floating shelves in our family room that we inherited with our house when we bought it a year ago. You know I've had a time figuring out how to 'stage' accessories on those shelves.

Here's what I have going on with them now:

This little vingette is new:

I recently found the inexpensive green glass sphere at Marshalls for less than $20. I like the way it plays off of the blue glass lanterns on the top shelf and the blue glass candle holder on the middle shelf. My husband collected the driftwood from the beach and dried it out. The large shell I pulled from the bottom of the ocean on a Carribbean snorkeling adventure (shhh! don't tell!).

The rest is pretty much the same as before:

I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and weekend! I promise to post some birthday party pictures soon. Take care all.

Happy decorating & living,

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