Monday, May 21, 2012

The Party is Over

Hi friends,
What a great weekend! I hope you had a good weekend too. Our weather was absolutely perfect in North Carolina. Sunny, cool, and breezy. So wonderful! We spent a lot of time outside and both birthday members of my family had great birthdays! 

Our weekend highlights were: soccer practice, the neighborhood pool opened up (cold water!), I got in two awesome walk/runs outside, Steve and I got to steal away for a romantic dinner/date night, church, NC Arboretum, grandma took the kids to the playground with ice cream, and good food/ice cream birthday cake.

Here's to a good work week. Steve left last night for a business trip to England. His mom headed back to Charlotte this morning and the kids headed back to school. I am headed to my home office to prepare for some upcoming business trips I have coming up. The party is over, time to get back to reality.

I hope you have an awesome week-
Happy decorating & living,

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