Friday, May 4, 2012

Current Projects

Hi friends,
How are you? How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? We have a Barbie Birthday Bash for our almost 6 year old, going out to eat (which is a huge treat after our week and a half of family dinners) and church. We are thinking about heading to the NC Zoo too. That's a weekend that I am looking forward to.

I wanted to share some current projects that are 'Under Construction' in the Brewer household:

1. New Paint Job: My home office is currently getting painted. The tray ceiling is left to tackle- the first level will be white and the tippy top will be blue. Don't you think my painter is doing an awesome job? (Thanks Honey!) It's going from a dark coffee to a blue called 'Beach House'. (I'll do a post about it and share it with you later when it's completed.)

2. New Curtains: Because my home office is looking so amazing so far with it's new paint job I am inspired to get some new curtains for this room. The current grommet curtains were simple white curtains purchased at Ikea and I sewed a strip of striped green and blue fabric along the edges to personalize them years ago. I have a new fabric swatch coming in the mail from Calico Corners (we don't have one near us in Raleigh, NC) that I am considering. Maybe I will sew some new curtains or possibly paint stripes on white curtains. What do you think?

Inspiration curtains-

3. Wide Stripes: I am really digging wide stripes right now. I just scored this fun gold stripe pillow for our family room. I have two more on backorder in a different color coming next month from Pottery Barn. Can't wait to get them and share them with you. They are super casual and have a beach house vibe to them.

4. Magnetic Chalkboard: My son's room was recently painted by my painter (hubby Steve) Valspar's Shark Loop (we love this shade of the same blueish gray paint that we have in our master bedroom and bathroom). Steve is adding a magnetic chalkboard to one of Brayden's walls. I can't wait to have it completed and share it with you. I think Brayden will love using it for years to come. The magnetic chalkboard will be on this blank wall:

Well, I think those are our most pressing current decorating projects. I still want to purchase a new coral white chandelier for our bedroom and soft porcelain blue panel curtains for in there too. Plus our laundry room needs some TLC but that will have to happen later. Also, our daughter keeps reminding us that we promised to 'Spice Up' her room. We're also considering having our dark wood kitchen cabinets painted a creamy white by a professional sometime in the future (we are too scared to tackle this one ourselves). But all these projects take time and money so for now they'll have to wait.

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Happy decorating & living,


  1. You inspire us all with your projects. Love all your ideas!!!
    Just finished Defending Jacob...great read.
    Have you read 50 Shades of Gray...steamy. You must read!
    Happy Birthday to the pretty little girl in your house!!!

    Doing a 5K tomorrow in the rain....

    Are you on FB as Megan? If not, join.


  2. Thanks Barb. Good luck with the walk tomorrow! Is it for a charity? I think I definitely need to read 50 Shades of Gray to see what all of the hupla is about! I have to be in the loop!
    Gotta go and get ready for the Barbie Bash now.
    Happy Saturday!