Monday, April 30, 2012

Spicing it up with a sofa table

Hi friends,
Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you are having a good week so far. While the kids are all playing outside in our backyard (soccer and in the hammock) I thought I would share how I've spiced it up again in our home. You know how I can't leave well enough alone. Leave me at home for a little while and I just have to change something.

You know how yesterday I did a blog post about 'versatile pieces of furniture'? Here's an example of a another versatile piece. Here is the current console table that they're selling at Pottery Barn. I think it's got a more modern vibe that the one we have from Pottery Barn:

We bought our console table from Pottery Barn about 7 years ago when we were first married and moving into our new house in Virginia (you can check it out on my tab labeled 'Our Old VA Home').

In our new home in North Carolina we have used our Pottery Barn console table in the entry way and in the eat-in kitchen. It was most recently in the eat-in kitchen.

Console table BEFORE:

This weekend I decided I wanted to move the buffet like piece back into the eat-in kitchen from the living room (to free up space for a piano that we will be getting from my parents when they move here). That meant I needed to find a new home for the Pottery Barn console table. I thought I'd try it behind the sofa in the family room. Once I put it there, I loved it instantly! Why hadn't I thought of this before! Eureka! I realized that it had always bothered me that our family room was just kinda floating in the large room and that it didn't feel grounded. Simply by adding the console table into the perimeter of the room, it instantly felt grounded and more like a room. I know that sounds crazy, doesn't it?

See what you think:

Here's a little more around the family room (some wide stripes are finding their way into this room very soon, hint: not on the walls):

Here's the buffet that found it's way back to our eat-in kitchen. We are starting to institute 'family dinners' each night. This posted sign keeps me accountable and helps our kids with reading:

Happy decorating & living everyone,

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