Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's on your Places to Visit Bucket List?

Hi friends,
Today's post will explain why I will be MIA for the next week or so. I feel like I've been doing a lot of explaining lately why I keep trips, spring break, work, blah, blah, blah..... I promise my life completely returns to a normal life of work, school, and home very soon (at least for a short while).

Have you ever made a bucket list for the places that you want to travel?

Maybe I should start with this question instead: Do you like to travel?

Now, on to the follow-up question, have you ever made a list of places you want to visit on this huge gorgeous planet of ours?

Well, my husband and I did. We both love to travel. I remember on our first date together at a Japanese restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, watching him and listening to him explain a pilgrimage through Spain he was planning to make on foot along the Camino de Santiago in a few months. I still remember today hearing the passion in his voice about this journey he was about to take. (He did take it and we got engaged right afterwards.) I was definitely attracted to this man who was as equally passionate about traveling as I was.

Well, back to us. After we became "a couple" we both made our own separate bucket list of places we wanted to visit and then compared our lists.

(That isn't me above. Isn't it interesting that I couldn't find an image of a "man making a list". Don't men make lists besides the ones that the women in their lives make them make? Maybe not.)

Here's Steve and I during our brief dating phase. This photo is actually from our " Success Story". We got engaged months after meeting and were married during that year. What can I say? At 35 years of age, when you know, you know. You know?

Anyway, back to our list.....guess what place we both had at the top of our list?

Yes, Italy! But, we are not going to Italy. We started to plan an Italian getaway....asking friends who have traveled there for advice, filling out the paperwork to get my passport renewed, checking out how we could use hotel/flight points we've accumulated from our business trips, and checking out travel websites.....

Then, I started to have major anxiety over ALL there is to see in Italy. I mean, there is A LOT to see in Italy people!!!!! I started to share these thoughts with my husband. I DO want to go to Italy but I wasn't feeling up for it at this particular moment in time. I started dreaming of relaxing in a warm locale by the beach and the pool, drinking tropical fruity drinks, reading awesome books on my Kindle, eating some amazing seafood, and getting out and about for an adventure or two that involves my scuba mask. Luckily, I married an amazing, understanding, and flexible man. He understood that we will see Italy someday but he was open to a more relaxing, rejuvenating vacation this time around.

Where are we leaving at 4am for tomorrow morning?

Here's a hint, I did need my passport after all.

Stop back by soon and I'll share where we are.

Happy decorating & living,


  1. All right, missie.......where are you this time? You sure are living the good life. Can we all have a piece of this pie? Hope it is hot and beachy. Tell us soon. Belize, maybe? Carribean? Australian beaches?



  2. Barb- Just got home tonight. I'll spill the beans soon and post some photos.

    Carole- What a bucket list!!! I may steal a couple of places from your list to add to my list! Especially that train ride through Scotland!

    Take care all-