Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update on Bedroom Make-Over

Hi friends! Here's a peek at my bedroom make-over transformation that has begun....

A few new linens have been purchased (some are on back order and should arrive in the next month or so):

Paint color swatches have been added to the walls in various locations to check for how different light looks with the paint:

Do you remember my Plain Jane all white bedroom? Here's a refresher:

Here was my Room Make-Over Design Plan:

Well, I wanted to share a little bit of progress that we've made. Some from the design plan and some off of the plan.

We purchased Valspar's 'Shark Loop' and tried it on several spots in the room to see how the light hits it, I think it's a hit with us!

I came up with a new idea for the small bookshelf in my bedroom which had to do with painting. I got the idea with some of these inspiration photos:

So I took this:

And with a small quart of Valspar's 'Surrender' paint came up with this:

Here's what's left to do:

1. Steve, my husband and painter, assures me that the room will be painted within the month.

2. New bedding will be purchased shortly.

3. Still working on ideas for the inspiration wall behind our bed.

4. Also, considering purchasing a rattan piece to place in the corner to hold towels for the bathroom (we don't need a tv in it). We have a major shortage of towel bars in the bathroom. Something like this piece that I might consider painting a fun color- found this one on Craig's List:

Happy decorating & living-


  1. I aim to do lots of painting while you are visiting with your mom next week :)