Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Princess Closet

Yesterday I shared my 5 year old daughter's princess themed room with you. Today I wanted to give you a peek into her closet. Boy, how I would have loved a closet like this when I was a kid!

Inexpensive corkboard squares from Walmart at Bryce's level allow her to change our her art work whenever she pleases:

We keep her art supplies, paper, coloring books, workbooks, colored pencils, etc. in here so she can choose to go in her closet anytime to craft:

Her closet is a great space to keep her dress up clothes organized plus a shelf to hold all of her little jewerly boxes:

Her window provides great natual light (there is a ceiling light too). Gingham curtains from Pottery Barn Kids:

Some of our favorite baby clothes for Bryce adorn the walls plus some baby blankets that her baby dolls use now:

Great shelves for storage:

Clothes for special occasions:

Every day clothes that she can reach on her level:

Fall/winter clothes put away for later:

Even a 5 year old can start taking care of her clothes (dirty clothes hamper):

Happy decorating & living-

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