Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Room Fit for a Princess

Welcome to my 5 year old daughter Bryce's room....

I am almost embarassed to share with you that I found her wooden headboard probably 20 years at a dump (well, really a recylcing center).....I took it home, wiped it down with Clorox, and painted it green. Bryce just graduated from a toddler bed to a big girl bed so the dump headboard got a fresh coat of yellow paint:

The princess netting is from Ikea and the bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids:

We just moved into this house in April and the princess wallpaper border was already in this room. I think it's sweet and we'll keep it for a while:

Curtains from Pottery Barn Kids:

Her rattan bedside table was originally purchased at an antique store in Lucketts, Virginia,  for my husband's side of the bed and was a beige color. Since my husband got a new bedside table, Bryce got this bedside table with a fresh coat of hot pink paint:

Storage is essential for: ponies, barbies, dolls, and toys....

Inexpensive princess rug from Target:

My husband's "to do list"....hang this purple chandelier.....hopefully he'll do it soon because I don't know how long our 5 year old will want a purple chandelier:

A favorite Disney World memory, Cinderella and Bryce:

A baby gift, personalized Bryce cross stitch from my mom's friend:

I can't wait to show you this little girl's's out of this world! Come back tomorrow and see it, here's a sneak peek:

Happy decorating & living-

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